About us

CharmMy comes about when an experienced, daring and passionate team in the field of cosmetics comes together with a mission: to implement an ecosystem of beauty and well-being, a place where all women feel good about themselves.

CharmMy is a Portuguese brand born in the world of cosmetics with a concern for everyone's mental and physical well-being. In addition to cosmetic products, we provide wellness experiences.


Without a secret formula, our secret is in plain sight.
Our products are designed in detail, in an innovative way. More than 90% natural ingredients, which through carefully developed and tested formulas, guarantee intensive care for all hair and skin types, even atopic and sensitive.
Attentive to the smallest details, from the selection of nutrients, efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we guarantee a unique experience for you and our planet.
We value inclusion and a sense of belonging. Our products are transversal to all skin, hair and age types.
Our philosophy is to convey a sense of well-being in its entirety. For us, care should be daily and not just on special occasions. Because feeling good about ourselves should not be the exception, but the rule.


I look in the mirror and feel good about myself. It's the thought we should have every day.
It's the expression wrinkles, the birth scar, the mole at the corner of the mouth... that give us personality.
These are the marks that characterize us.
Human beings are not perfect. The important thing is to look beyond the imperfections and accept ourselves as we are. Because it is in the midst of imperfections that we find our own perfection.
Our vision is to help people feel good, physically and emotionally.
Together, we create an environment of trust, completeness and well-being.


  • Nationality

    Aware that nature gives us everything we need, at CharmMy we bring our products to life through natural ingredients that give real results.

  • Transparency

    Our commitment is to work ethically and transparently. At CharmMy we only promise what we can deliver.

  • Innovation

    Our process is creative and transformative. Due to the transversality of the products, their natural components and the offer of well-being experiences.

  • Inclusion

    Transversal brand, designed for all women with different characteristics. Our products are transversal to all skin, hair and age types.

  • Commitment

    There is a strong bond between CharmMy and its employees. The sharing of values, goals and achievements is always present.

  • Respect

    We promote a culture of mutual respect and harmony within the CharmMy universe. The commitment to work ethic, admiration and esteem for others is always present.

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