MyCare Places

CharmMy has a clear goal: people's well-being. CharmMy is aware that taking care of beauty is not just a matter of appearance, but also of health and self-esteem. Therefore, CharmMy seeks to reach all audiences, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. We are creating our own spaces to receive and advise you, which we will soon announce here.

CharmMy Island

CharmMy will soon have an exclusive point of sale in the Alegro shopping centre. A space where you will have the opportunity to try and purchase our cosmetic products directly. With CharmMy beauty experts ready to offer a personalized experience and exclusive promotions, this will be an exciting new wellness and beauty experience. Stay tuned, and soon you will be able to visit our stand in Alegro and enjoy all the benefits we have to offer.

CharmMy Partners

CharmMy Partners work in different areas such as hairdressers, beauty centers, dance and yoga schools, and many other professionals, who join CharmMy to offer you exclusive and personalized services. Together, CharmMy and its partners offer a complete and unforgettable experience of personal care, which values the inner and outer beauty of each one.

  • One of our partners where you can enjoy a wellness experience is Pharmácia do Cabelo - Hairdresser and Aesthetic Centre. Enjoy an indulgent and transformative experience as our partner takes care of your look in a unique and expert way. With a team of highly qualified professionals, our partner will pamper you. Choose from Hairdresser, Manicure, Pedicure and Laser Hair Removal services.

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  • One of our partners where you can enjoy Dance Classes is Zaranda, in Lisbon. Dance is an art form that expresses emotions, freedom and grace. Zaranda is a vibrant and inspiring dance space. Whether you are a dance lover or a curious beginner, this partner will give you the opportunity to explore some styles. Choose between Contemporary Dance and Youth POP Dance.

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  • One of our partners where you can practice Yoga Classes is Momento Yoga Studio. To keep a healthy mind in a healthy body, yoga is a complete practice. Yoga classes are available for all levels: Fundamentals Yoga for beginners and more creative styles like Dancing Yoga Flow for more advanced students. Everything you need to grow and start a healthier lifestyle.

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